Are Coles Coffee Beans Good?

Are Coles Coffee Beans Good?

Coles supermarket sell a range of coffee beans. Whilst there is nothing wrong with Coles coffee, it is what is.

Coles coffee is mass produced and discount priced. You will not by definition find any boutique coffee at Coles. Due to the large volume requirements (Coles buy bulk so that all of their stores sell the same or mostly the same products) Coles can’t stock smaller production runs of boutique or artesian coffee beans. If you are happy drinking the mass produced coffee from Coles that everyone else drinks then more power to you!

Here at Specialty Coffee Beans we stock and sell boutique artesian coffee beans. This is characterised by small production batches and unique flavorful coffees. Check out our shop.

Three Reasons To Drink Boutique Specialty Coffee

1. Artisan coffee roasters

Unlike coffee from supermarkets, our coffee blends and single origins have been created and perfected by coffee roasting artisans.  You won’t find craftsmanship like this for the supermarket coffees.

We know that great roasted coffee beans doesn’t need to be complicated to get you barista quality coffee at home. You just need quality beans that have been blended and roasted to perfection and sealed for freshness.

2. Total care

When you have boutique small size batches you can take extra care with the process. Starting with super high quality beans sourced from around the world, our single origins and bean blends are roasted in small batches to maintain quality and consistency.  With ratios and roast profiles strictly monitored and maintained to ensure the best results.

3. Freshness assured

Because our coffees are roasted fresh in Australia in small batches, the roasted beans are not shipped in bulk for long periods from overseas. Small batches means that the time from roasting to reaching you the customer is short and you always get fresh great tasting coffee.


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