Top 5 Best Coffee Bean Strains

Top 5 Best Coffee Bean Strains

Coffee strains exist because plants are capable of adapting to different surroundings, causing their DNA to become different for each coffee bean depending on the location where it grew. As a result, coffee beans have differing appearances, acidity, flavor, caffeine content, and many more that made each strain unique from the other. That’s why coffee enthusiasts started to take on adventures to discover these strains and identify each of their unique aspects.

As a result, some of the researchers were able to identify what are the top unique coffee bean strains that people enjoy nowadays. Take note that these top 5 strains that will be discussed in this article were researched and rated based on their flavor, rarity, and the comments from consumers and coffee lovers around the world. Each of the coffee bean strains discussed in this article will be explained based on its origin, appearance and other aspects that define them. Here are the following:

5. Antigua Coffee Beans

The Antigua coffee beans strain came from Guatemala, and is regarded as the most popular coffee bean strain in the country. The Antigua beans grew exclusively on the mountains of Guatemala, and is often sold there at a very cheap price before it gets expensive once imported throughout the world.

The Antigua coffee beans is truly great because it never tastes like it’s over-roasted, even when exposed to a high level of heat. The Antigua coffee beans is famous because it does not have a bitter taste, and is very aromatic – reminiscent of a floral scent with notes of citrus. Additionally, the mild taste of the Antigua beans is almost the same as cocoa, with a full-body flavor into it as well.

4. Liberica Coffee Beans

The Liberica coffee beans grew in West Africa, and is believed to be related to the very first coffee strain that was discovered in Africa centuries ago. The Liberica beans are known to be grown in its mountains, though there are some lowlands in the area that have successfully cultivated the beans for production as well.

The uniqueness of the Liberica beans is its large red cherries once it fully ripens and becomes ready for roasting. In fact, it is bigger than the Arabica beans. The Liberica beans offer a very fragrant aroma. The Liberica beans are fruity and floral in terms of its scent, making it very tempting for any coffee enthusiast to try out. When brewed, the Liberica beans create a coffee that has a woody flavor with a full-body into it once tasted.

3. Excelsa Coffee Beans

The Exelsa coffee beans are some of the famous coffee bean strains that are often used to for manufacturing instant coffee, with the other being Robusta. The Excelsa beans originally grew in Africa, discovered back in the 20th century. The Excelsa coffee beans are well-known for being resilient, making it perfect for mass-production when making instant coffee. However, Robusta is still in favor due to the slow growth of Excelsa beans.

Excelsa beans are best known for its unique flavor, which provides a peppery and fruity aroma. When brewed, the Excelsa coffee gives a light roasty flavor turns dark and roasted you drink more of it.

2. Robusta Coffee Beans

Robusta coffee beans originated from West Africa as well. It is the most resilient type of coffee bean strain ever made, as it can grow on almost any location. Not just that, it also grows fast and in abundance if placed on the perfect growth conditions. Robusta coffee bean strains are known for having sub-species called nganda as well. Together with the coffee bean placed on the number 1 spot, Robusta coffee beans is regarded as part of the 99% of coffee’s overall output around the world when it comes to the coffee industry.

The Robusta coffee beans are well-known for their high caffeine content, making it perfect for hardworking people to consume during the morning to start their day great. The high caffeine content of the Robusta strain is also the reasons why manufacturers prefer it for making instant coffee, aside from the fact that it is highly resilient in any surrounding and can grow abundantly. Robusta coffee beans are known to be more bitter than the rest of the strains.

1. Arabica Coffee Beans

Columbia became one of the most popular places in the world for growing coffee because of the Arabica coffee beans, which grow abundantly in the country due to the perfect conditions that it can offer for the plant. The Arabica beans are known for their aroma and flavor, which is why manufacturers of instant coffee and other coffee vendors prefer the strain to be sold to the public. However, it is also proven to be an expensive strain due to the strict conditions needed to be met in order to cultivate it.

The Arabica beans are known to be cherry-like in appearance once ripened. But what made it even more popular is its rich flavor and aroma once roasted to perfection. The Arabica coffee beans are known for its mild flavor that’s considered as nutty and somewhat sweet. People who love to drink pure coffee even say that there is no need to add sugar when drinking a fine cup of Arabica coffee beans.

Take note that these are just the top 5 among the various types of coffee bean strains around the world. If you’re so fond of coffee, it’s best to research all of them. But if you want to have a very good start, then we suggest that you try these five for the best experience right away, plus they are easier to find than the other lesser-known strains.

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