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Ethiopian Single Origin Coffee By Flabbergasted.

Premium Specialty Coffee Beans. 100% Arabica Single Origin from Kaffa Ethiopia.

A flavourful, coffee bean with floral, fruity berry, citrus, nutty and sugar tones. These single origin coffee Ethiopian coffee beans are highly rated for cupping taste scores.

1kg bag with one way air valve to keep the beans fresh.



Ethiopian is Single Origin Coffee. 100% Arabica beans from Ethiopia.

We stock the best Ethiopia coffee beans, 100% Arabica Single origin from Limou farm in the Kaffa region (the birth place of Coffee). These beans are prepared fully washed and with a internal cupping score of 80.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of the Arabica coffee plant. Ethiopia coffee Beans are know all over the world for their high quality.

It is widely believed that coffee was first discovered in the Kaffa region (where these coffee beans are from). It is believed that in about 850 AD an Ethiopian goat herder discovered and consumed the coffee beans after the sheep consumed some and were behaving differently. Still now Ethiopia has a coffee culture.

Region/Area: Kaffa

30% – 17
62% – 15
5% – 10

Q Cupping Scores:  Internal Score 80

Farm:  Limou


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