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Colombian Single Origin Coffee By Flabbergasted.

Premium Specialty Coffee Beans.

1kg bag with one way air valve to keep the beans fresh.

Colombian is Single Origin Coffee. 100% Arabica beans from Colombia.

Colombian coffee is very popular all over the world. Coffee cultivation has a long history in Colombia dating back to the 1700s and coffee grown in this region has a reputation for being smooth, silky, but also full bodied.


The exact history of coffee farming in Colombia is unclear. However, in the mid 1800’s commercial production of coffee has started.

This particular coffee by Flabbergasted is a single origin from Supremo Huila farm in the Huila Department, Middle Zone, San
Augustin region of Colombia. These beans were fully washed in an European style preparation and have a high internal cupping score of 81. These premium Colombian coffee beans have flavours of nuts, fruits, citrus, berries, sugar and spices.

Roasted locally to ensure freshness, you will just love to drink this coffee.


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