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Generally, it is a mildly acid taste, light bodied but flavourful & aromatic. Peruvian beans are known as a good blender due to its pleasant but understated characteristics. The Cuzco location, particularly the Urubamba Valley, also grows respected wet-processed coffee. The best grade is AAA.
Peruvian coffee can be a darker roast but does not need to be. Light or dark roast is dependent on the bean roaster after the coffee has been grown. Peruvian coffee is well matched to both light & dark roasting.
The acidity of a coffee is in part due to the growing region & in part impactged by the method a bean is processed & roasted. Brazilian, Peruvian, Kenyan and Ethiopian beans falls into this type. The coffees that are lower in acidity, such as Sumatran, are cultivated at lower elevations.
Both {coffees|coffee beans|beans} {have|exhibit|show} a simple {&|yet|and} balanced {taste|flavour}. Peruvian coffee is {not as|less} thick as Colombian, instead with a medium mouthfeel. Peruvian coffee is also medium in acidity {and|&} {lacks|does not have} the aromatic quality of a Colombian {coffee|coffee beans|beans}.

Arabica is the dominant coffee farmed:

  • 70% of which is Typica (Typica is an original Arabica type which is a tall & leggy low yield plant but provides great qualities, generally quite sweet & clean);
  • 20% is Caturra (Caturra is a natural mutation of the Bourbon coffee strain that was originally discovered in Brazil in 1937, thought to be the 1st naturally occurring mutation ever discovered); and
  • the remainder are other varieties.

About 75% of the coffee farming area is at an elevation range of 1000–1800 m. 

Low elevation producers in Peru, similar to those located around the municipality of Nambale close to the border between Peru and Ecuador, typically make coffee with mild acidity, medium body, and smooth notes of nuts, flowers, and gentle fruit.
Peru’s exports of coffee in MY 2018/19 are forecast at to be about 246 million kg.

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