How Should Coffee Beans Be Stored

How Should Coffee Beans Be Stored?

If you spot your favourite coffee for a great price, then you may be tempted to stock up to take advantage of the savings. However. you now need to think about how you are going to store it so that it remains fresh. The following tips can help you make sure your coffee remains in great condition.

One of the most important things to remember is that coffee is perishable. From the moment the beans are roasted, they will start to lose some of their flavour as time progresses. This means you are in danger of losing some of the taste that makes the coffee unique.

The best way to buy coffee is as if you were buying bread, you should aim to use it all before the point where it starts to turn stale. However, if you know that you won’t use the coffee within a week of it being opened, then you will need to think about how it is going to be stored.

The main aim of storing coffee is to limit the exposure to air, light and humidity. If you can do this successfully, then it is quite easy to extend the life of your coffee once it has been opened.

Choose Coffee In The Right Bag

Good coffee will come in a bag that does a lot of the hard work for you. If bags are made from non-porous material that is opaque, then this can protect the coffee from light and humidity, as well as preventing exposure to oxygen.

Some bags also contain a valve that will stop oxygen getting in, but let the carbon dioxide out. This is important because coffee continues to produce carbon dioxide after it has been roasted.

Storing Your Coffee For Longer Periods

If you are storing your coffee for a longer period, then you may need to think about other storage methods. You may also want to consider buying whole beans, as they do not start to go stale as quickly as ground coffee.

Coffee can usually be kept in the bag it comes in for up to two weeks. After you have used it, push out as much of the air as you can and store it in a cool, dry and dark cupboard.

If you think you will need to store it longer than two weeks, then a storage container is a good option. All you really need is somewhere to store the coffee where it will not be exposed to light or air, and it can remain at a stable temperature. As long as the container seals tight it will be fine for storing your coffee but you can go for a more expensive option where you have the ability to remove air if you wish.

Can Coffee Be Frozen?

Freezing coffee can be a good option if you have purchased a large bag and you know you won’t get through it all in two weeks.

Even in the freezer coffee will need to have a stable temperature and it should not be exposed to a large amount of light. One of the best solutions is to divide the large bag up into portions that will last you a week or so. Put each portion in an individual zip-lock bag, making sure you get as much of the air out of the bag as possible. The bags should be stored at the back of the freezer, where they won’t get much light even when the freezer door is opened.

The one place that experts agree you should never store your coffee is the refrigerator. This is because the humidity tends to be too high and the temperature will not remain stable if the doors are frequently opened and closed. The coffee can also absorb the taste of other items in the fridge which will lead to your cup tasting nothing like you expected it to.

When you are buying specialty coffee, then it is really important to preserve the taste, and storing it correctly will help you do this. The methods described above can help you ensure that your coffee always tastes great.

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