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Many people think that Costa Rican coffee is very special.
In the broad terms, Costa Rican coffee beans provides a nice, full body, a rich and robust taste and a pointed acidity. The best high-grown coffee beans have fruity tones and a clean, crisp taste.

With high altitudes, fertile volcanic earth, tropical climate and consistent precipitation, Costa Rica is uniquely located to produce excellent coffee beans with fine aromas and taste.

Costa Rica is known for its high-quality beans with excellent versatility, resulting from its perfect topography and growing conditions. As a result of its volcanic soil, high altitudes, and suitable climate, the coffee here is high quality with nice acidic tastes.

Costa Rican coffee beans are generally thought to show some of the top coffee flavour profiles in central America. They have high grown attributes & a pleasant acidic taste. Its defining flavour notes include a brown-sugary sweetness, citrusy notes and apricot-like fruity flavours. As lighter roast, Costa Rica coffee beans will taste very clean with a sweet with mild acidity. Taste notes can show honey & molasses to grapes & citrus. Brew through a paper filter to show off these bright flavours. With medium roasting, roasting a little longer can emphasize a full body & a pleasant sweetness.

Costa Rican coffee tastes good as either dark or lighter roasted. If the coffee is light roasted more of the regional distinctive tastes are kept. Dark roasted beans display more tastes from the roasting procedure.

Costa Rica is the only country only the globe where it is actually illegal to culture any variety of coffee other than Coffee Arabica thought to be the highest quality of coffee beans. Legislation was enacted in 1989 outlawing the planting of lower quality coffees, encouraging Costa Rican agriculturalists to pursue true brilliance. Costa Rica was ranked 15th in the world for coffee production in 19/20. Typical Varieties Produced: Typica, Caturra, Catuai, Villa Sarchi, Bourbon & Gesha (all Arabica) Key Coffee Regions: Tarrazú, Central Valley, Western Valley, Tres Rios, Brunca, Guanacaste, Orosi & Turrialba Common Harvest Times: October – March Commonly Available: May – July Yearly production: about 15 million bags
No, coffee is not native to Costa Rica. Coffee plants were first introduced in 1779, from Cuba. The culture of coffee beans fast became one of the largest cash crops for agriculturalists.

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