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Central America extends from Mexico in the west to Panama in the east. It lies in the heart of the equator, often termed as the Bean Belt for its almost perfect farming regions. Soaring mountains, rich volcanic soil, old growth wilderness, & stable micro-climates. Because of this almost perfect geography, it is not supprising that Centrals always rank among the world’s premier beans.

Honduras is the country that has the biggest coffee production in Central America.

Central American coffees, are excellent single origins & compatible in many bean blends.

Characteristics of Central American beans.
Acidity: Moderate to high
Body: Light to moderate
Mouthfeel: Moderate
Ideal Roast styles: Light, Medium to Vienna
Traits: Balanced, bright, clean, smooth
Distinct flavour tones: Fruits, honey, and dark chocolate. Hints of: nuts

Coffee plants were first taken to Mexico in the late 1700’s from Cuba & the Dominican Republic. Mexico had a fast turnaround with it, exporting beans industrially initially as early as 1802.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica was the first country in the region to haveestablish a fully operating commercial coffee market. It became a important exporter of coffee beans throughout the {globe|world{ by the 1820’s.

Since the start of the organization Instituto del Café de Costa Rica in 1933, Costa Rican coffee has thrived and in had great quality. However, Costa Rica only grows under 1% of the globe’sworld’s coffee beans.

Costa Rica has among the strictest & best standards for farm workers.

Like with most of Central America, Guatemala imported coffee in the latter part of the 1700’s. But, unlike Mexico, commercial production did not really ramp up until the 1860’s when European migrants launched large-scale farms.

It is unknown specifically when coffee was brought to Honduras. It is possible that it was in the late 1700’s, as with other Central American countries, but therer is no specific record. Multiple sources claim 1804 as the initial year that coffee plants were grown at large scale.

Since then, Honduras became the biggest coffee farmer in Central America.

El Salvador
El Salvador is the smallest nation in Central America. It’s no surprise that El Salvador’s coffee production is not huge.

Coffee arrived at El Salvador in the mid-1700’s, but really gained popularity once indigo farms declined due to synthetic dyes in the 1800’s. By 1970, coffee production accounted for 50% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product.

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